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Imaan Hammam and Lineisy Montero have been  taking the fashion world to the new height in this new millennial age. Gracing runways this fall with there presence of style .

Model Imaan Hammam Photographer: Clem Kivindyo

Color and vibrant energy. Ms. Hammam was dicovered in Amsterdam’s Central Station by an agent from Code Management  in 2010. In 2013 her agency sent her to Paris with Viva Model Management and she was given the special honor to open the Givenchy show as an exclusive. She also appeared on the September cover of American Vogue, a cover which very few models, much less new faces, are able to secure.

Born October 5,1996 the 18 yr. old has a stunning look that’s of Moroccan and Egyptian descent. Lineisy Monter The 19-year-old from the Dominican Republic was discovered at an amusement park in her hometown of Santo Domingo, is now signed to NEXT Models, lives in Paris and walked her first ever runway show as an exclusive for Prada. Recaping #NYFW this September they both were featured in many shows.

Model Lineisy Montero

Model Lineisy Montero

Lineisy’s beauty is , incontestable, her almond-shaped eyes and flawless skin make her a standout girl, but what made fashion spectators really take notice was her hair. Her short afro is an impactful  expression.  Lineisy’s short crop stood for a lot more than just a fashion statement, it was a potentially exciting and overdue step forward in the perception of black female beauty.   Hammam struck the industry by her head full of curls. Balance is what’s needed I feel in the industry, what do you feel? I would love your feedback on this matter. Cinnamon and spice the sweetness of the runway.



Photos courtesy of: Voguespain.com, Style.com                  Photographer: Michael Jansson, Zoe Gherter, Nico Bustos, Monica Feudi,





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