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Have you ever wondered why the holidays when your single is a time when you feel lonely, wanna cuddle, curl up under the duvet, and watch marathons on the Christmas story. The season known for kissing under the mistletoe, eggnog with rum, gift giving and family but what about affection when your single? It can be tough when you have that annoying family member who always ask are you dating anyone yet and always giving advice when there life is in shambles. However, what about this year you sat back and looked at the holidays a little differently. What if you noticed that this holiday season is more than gifts and cheer, but with tons of events and opportunity to meet new people.

1. Connecting with other single Friends can be a exciting and opens up the chances of meeting new people through there family members at parties, events, and game activities,Ice skating, bowling, concerts and dinner.

2. Now that you don’t have to spend lots of time and money searching for that “perfect gift” for your significant other, use it get yourself a little something special. I am a firm believer that the happier you are the easier to attract people with the same energy and interests.

3. Sprinkle the Holiday spirit by volunteering at local hospitals, youth centers, churches, and in your community. Being social make meeting new people organic and spontaneous.

4. “Say YES”
To new possibilities
Faith and to life! Say yes to going out, say yes to connecting to a spontaneous attraction, say yes going into 2016.

5. Love your self and appreciate the time that you have been alone that you are able to grow and learn about your self. Embrace the opportunity of making a new step of being someone who you wanna be with.


Written by: Abraham Harris

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