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A bad habit is an unconcious patterned behavior regarded as detrimental to physical or mental health, which is often linked to a lack of self control.

Bad habits can be anything from compulsive shopping, bitting nails, constanly washing hands, etc. In some cases it can be irritating to people without you noticing, but how to break a bad habit?

Here is how:

Find out how it formed- Most bad habits are formed when you are bored, anxious or because you associate it with something that happened in your life. It is important to know how it began in order to get rid of it. ( If you cant remeber that is okay, like I said, sometimes it is uncounciously done.)

Check when your habit kicks in- Is it when you feel a certain way? or if youre bored? Memories play big part on everything we do in life. For example; some people go shopping when they feel bored leading them to waste money in things that they probably dont need. The next time they feel bored, their brain will associate shopping with being bored and that is how a bad habit is formed.

Trick your brain- From the example above, I explained how feeling bored lead the person to go shopping so it became a bad habit because it got out of self control and the person might not realize it or they might, but dont want to admit it. The best way to get rid of a bad habit is to trick your brain, do something different than usual like if you have a bad habit of forgetting your house keys, you can trick your brain by adding a cute keychain you really like and keeping your key on the same place (be creative, it can be next to your door or somewhere you can remember easily) , it might be difficult at first because you are not used to it, but if you keep trying you will eventually change the bad habit of leaving your keys anywhere and turn it to a good habit which is to keep them in the same place.

It is believed that breaking a bad habit takes 3 to 4 weeks, be patient and take it slowly. It does work, you just have to keep trying until you can succesfully get rid of it.



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