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Books are such an exciting yet gentle pass time. Nothing can compare to the power of a good book. It can make you fall in love, laugh, cry- all within the comfort of your own home. But my problem is- I’m never home. I’m often on the subway, on a never ending bus, a slow moving train, or a horribly cramped plane. So, with that being said, make your new travel essential become…a book! I know what you’re about to say- but there’s so many books out there, how do I choose a decent one? I’m here to help, my wayfaring stranger. here is   a sample of our best books to read while traveling. These books will take you on a journey with them.


1.) Americanah- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This book takes you on a wild ride, let me tell you! Truthfully, anything by this author is downright amazing. She has such an intricate way of making the reader feel like they are truly experiencing the trifles and hardships the main character is feeling. She is also fantastic with description- it’s so intimate, you feel like you are invading the character’s privacy. This book is set all over the world. From Lagos, Africa to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- with stops in England, Nskkua, and many other enticing destinations. It’s a must read! Check out her other books as well.

2.) On The Road- Jack Kerouac

There’s a reason behind this novel being on every list of “must- read novels”. Jack Kerouac is not only an inventor of ideology and American wanderlust, but this book can inspire anyone. It can inspire young women, older men, widowed grandmothers, a teen entering their first year of high school- it’s a universal source of inspiration. The two main characters, Dean and Sal, strap you to their backpack and drag you along through their trials and triumphs while they explore America- traveling, loving, and most importantly: living. This book reminds you why it’s so great to be alive.

3.) Best American Short Stories- Elizabeth Strout

We all have every intention to read a extensively large book, dripping with metaphors, themes, character developments, etc. But sometimes, we just don’t have time! Maybe your flight is only 2 hours, or your bus is running way ahead of schedule. In this case, I highly recommend this collection of amazing short stories. It’ll grasp your mind and suck you in, without making you disappear form the physical world for more than three hours. Since it is also a sampling of the best short stories, you are guaranteed some amazing literature to soothe your traveling soul.

4.) The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn- Mark Twain

Okay, okay. Before you roll your eyes- let me say something! This is a classic novel. It is packed with adventure, curiosity, youthfulness- and it also just happens to be one of my all- time favorites (but I’m not biased or anything…). The novel may not be the most new of the bunch, but sometimes diving back into the older, richer novels can get our imaginations spinning in such a different way than it does today. Plus, it’s the perfect book to read on the train, or read on the bus, or read on the- you get my point.

5.) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea- Jules Verne

If you haven’t read novels by Jules Verne, you should start. She is considered one of the best travel authors of all time, and I have to say that I highly agree. Some other favorites by her include Around the World in 80 Days and Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Each of her books can detach you from reality and suck you into her realm- you become fully invested in each plot line. Isn’t that what you want a novel to do to you? This book follows Captain Nemo and his submarine, exploring the unknown of the sea. You also slowly unravel who Captain Nemo really is…hmm… get your reading glasses, you’re gonna be hooked!

Hope this list inspired you to either read, or hop off the computer and buy the next ticket out of town! Enjoy!

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