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You wake up in the morning and you fall into one of two categories: either you’re rushing to get ready because you hit the snooze button so many times or you have all the time in the world to get ready for the day. I fall in between; after much practice, I’ve shortened my morning make-up routine to 20 minutes, because, let’s face it, I like my sleep but I also want to look good!

After my skin-care, there are 7 essential make-up products I use before walking out of the house: primer, BB Cream w/SPF (CC Cream works, as well), concealer, powders, highlighter, mascara, and tinted chap stick. This might seem like a lot to most of you – because let’s face it, it is – but they are not all necessary and you can opt to use all or some to achieve the look that best suits you and your time!

I like to start with my primer. Lately, I have been using Le Blanc De Chanel, which is a great sheer illuminating base you can apply all over your face. If you have pores, blemishes, or an uneven skin tone, I found that using a nice primer really helps to even out the skin, hide the pores, and keeps the make-up on longer. Next, I use a BB cream with SPF, which adds some coverage but is light enough for everyday use and allows my skin to breathe.

For an everyday look, I found that using concealer and the right powders can go a long way to accentuate your features and add just enough coverage so long as you blend, blend, blend! I use a concealer for my under eye circles and any blemishes. Then, I use a loose powder to set the BB Cream and the concealer. Tip: Bare Minerals Foundation is a loose powder that you can work in to add some extra coverage without looking cakey.

Contouring is a huge thing these days, but for a daily look, I follow these 3 steps for a basic contour: using a highlighter (should be brighter than your natural skin tone), blend out small triangles under your eyes; then, suck in your cheeks to a “kissy” face and bronze along that line; finally, smile and blush the apples of your cheeks. This does take practice before it becomes muscle memory to blend and add just enough color!

To pull the look together before leaving the house, I curl my lashes first then add black volumizing mascara, and lastly, I apply some tinted chap stick to add a little bit of color to my lips. If I have some extra time or, maybe even at work, I like to line the bottom of my eye with a bronze eye-liner (I find it’s more natural looking for the day) and highlight the inner corner of my eyes and the top of my cheeks for the illuminating effect.

After years of figuring out what works best for me, this is my daily make-up routine and hopefully it can bring some insight to your morning routine, as well!



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